Thorne Designs is the commercial name of product, graphic and web designer Simon Thorne.

Qualified as a product designer, Simon is an award and competition winning designer who has worked on various projects throughout his career. With a current focus on medical products and user centered deisgn. Thorne designs also undertakes various graphic and web design projects for a wide range of clients, both commercial and charitable, with both being produced to the highest standard attainble.

Design encompasses everything, from the clothes we wear and products we use and interact with, to cars and the humble business card.

Product Design covers a huge area, specialising in the things we interact with, including websites and graphic products.

Thorne Designs covers the following areas of interest.

·Medical Products ·Traditional 'Product Design' ·Graphical products & packaging ·Graphics ·Corporate Identity ·Branding ·Website Design ·Content Integration ·P.O.S Units ·Specialist Printing Knowledge and support ·Business Cards ·Leaflets ·Posters and banners ·Brochures ·Exhbition Stands ·Vinal Graphics

For examples of work, either check out the portfolio section of this site, on contact us directly using the form available on thecontact page.

Please note that thorne designs does not have printing facilities, however we do have excellent relationships with various repretable printers.